How to sell shares in Al Rajhi using the phone

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How to sell shares in Al Rajhi using the phone

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Al Rajhi Bank provides a way to sell shares in Al Rajhi Bank via the bank’s phone banking number, in order to facilitate customers to carry out their sales deals with ease by following the following steps:
طريقة بيع الاسهم في الراجحي
From any landline or mobile phone, call the unified phone number of Al Rajhi Bank.
To choose the Arabic language to complete the conversation, press the number 1.
The personal identification number of the customer's account is entered.
To make financial transfers, press 1.
To pay bills, press 2.
To go to beneficiary services, press 4.
To activate the service, the beneficiary must press 1.
To activate the service of selling shares in Al Rajhi from another local bank, press number 2.
A voice message from Al Rajhi Bank is heard over the phone, which includes the name of the bank and the customer’s account number.
The account through which the client wishes to trade is selected so that the service of buying and selling shares can be activated in it.
The secret code sent by the bank is entered in the text message on the customer’s mobile phone in order to activate the service of buying and selling shares on the aforementioned account.


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